Elliott Levine, Environmental Engineer; Genentech Inc.
2020 NAEM EHS and Sustainability Management Forum
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Elliott Levine, Environmental Engineer, Site Environment, Health and Safety; Genentech Inc.

Elliott Levine, Environmental Engineer; Genentech Inc.

Elliot Levine is at the South San Francisco headquarters of Genentech working on various regulatory compliance and environmental sustainability programs. He leads the Water Steering Committee and is a member of the Energy Steering Committee and the Transportation Steering Committee. Elliot started a volunteer group called "Army of Darkness" that raises awareness of energy conservation on campus. He is also a co-lead of the EV (Electric Vehicle) Club and is involved with many of the campus projects related to driving electric cars and riding e-bikes. Elliot conceived of and participated in a small team Innovation Experience project on Climate Crisis Awareness that is helping senior management, colleagues, and their families understand the risks of the climate crisis, including health effects, and actions that can be taken in their jobs and at home to reduce negative impacts.


Prior to Genentech, Elliot spent many years in Research and Development, Engineering, and EHS roles in the medical device, textiles, and pharmaceutical consumables industries. Elliot is a member of the NAEM Board of Regents. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Tufts University.


Elliot’s hobbies include promoting humor in the life space and lowering sea level rise.

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