Raymond J. Fabius MD, DFACPE, Co-founder; HealthNEXT
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Raymond J. Fabius MD, DFACPE, Co-founder; HealthNEXT

Raymond J. Fabius MD, DFACPE, Co-founder; HealthNEXT

Dr. Raymond J. Fabius has over thirty years of successful business experience in leadership roles as a global physician executive. He has provided executive leadership that led to multiple successful enterprise transactions including the sale of US Healthcare to Aetna, iTrax to Walgreens, and Truven Health Analytics to Veritas Capital.


As a consequence of this career journey, he has garnered medical and business leadership experience in an extraordinary variety of healthcare management areas including informatics, strategy, operations, network development and oversight, patient management, quality management, disease management, national accounts, occupational medicine, emergency preparedness, pandemic response, worker productivity, wellness and health promotion, travel medicine, web-based health content delivery and data warehousing and analytics. He has served in academics, private practice, managed care, the health insurance industry, e-health, corporate health, workplace health, the pharmaceutical industry and health informatics and analytics. He is the author of five books including the leading textbook on population health entitled Population Health: Creating Cultures of Wellness.


Presently, he is the co-founder of HealthNEXT – the leader in building corporate cultures of health and wellbeing. His company provides a gap analysis assessment, strategic guidance, operational support and physician and data expertise. In particular, HealthNEXT provides physician executive services to employers large and small interested in providing best practice support to maximize the health, safety and well-being of their workforce and their families.


He serves on the board of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and Population Health. Moreover, Dr. Fabius has established algorithms and processes to help consumers receive high quality specialized care in part because he was able to receive it himself. He has overcome a congenital eye problem that led to blindness by receiving bilateral corneal transplantation. So, in addition to having a distinguished career as a physician executive he has also been a patient.



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